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Car Rush Game Description

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Car Rush is an online racing game for speed enthusiasts and enthusiasts. Whenever you have free time, stress ... you can play Car Rush for free and enjoy the refreshing moments on the winding roads with increasing difficulty. Overcome the races, overcome the obstacles to reach the finish line. The feeling of winning always makes you feel excited and conquered.

Car Rush is written in html5 technology, so it has beautiful graphics and cool effects, so Car Rush always makes players feel like they are participating in a real race.

Car Rush is currently a popular game and is loved by many people. That's why now you can completely play Car Rush directly on PC, Iphone, Ipad via Browser or you can download and install Car Rush game for Android.

Car Rush is a completely free game on NGames, if you play on PC, Iphone, Ipad you don't need to download and install but just open on browser and click Play to play. Run as fast as you can, the time will count down to 0 and you will lose if you do not reach the finish line in time.

How to play Car Rush on PC:

- Arrow keys left + right: Move

- Up arrow key: Accelerate

- Down arrow key: Brake

If you play on Smartphone browser:

- Arrow keys left + right: Move

- Accelerator foot: Accelerate

- Brake foot: Brake

If you want to play Car Rush on your Android phone, please visit the following link:, here we provide and guide you in detail how to download, install and play Car Rush on your phone or emulator.

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