Furious Racing 3D Game
Furious Racing 3D Game

Furious Racing 3D Game

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Furious Racing 3D Game Description

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Furious Racing 3D game is a street racing game with realistic setting. You have a good car and you are traveling on a busy road, suddenly you are stopped by a police car and you really don't like it.

Play Furious Racing 3D game and try to run as fast as possible to pass vehicles and police car chases.

The game has two stages, Japan and snow, in addition to four modes to choose from, one-way traffic, two-way traffic, time attack and free ride.

Run fast, overcome the obstacles, just a little distracted and the game can be over.

On the track, pay attention and collect as many diamonds as you can, with the collected diamonds you can upgrade to better and cooler cars to race at faster speeds.

Wish you soon conquer the races and finish the fastest. Never let the police arrest you. Have fun!

How to Play:

Arrows / WASD = drive

C = Camera

X = Nitro

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